Motivation Monday: Walt Whitman, “O Me! O Life!”

Walt Whitman was a Romantic poet from nineteenth century New England. Whitman contributed to the tradition of Transcendentalism, a movement started by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Whitman’s work, which pushed the boundaries of poetry through his use of free-verse, celebrates the Self above all else. He encourages readers to embrace personal Truth. Walt Whitman: O Me!… Continue reading Motivation Monday: Walt Whitman, “O Me! O Life!”

Feature Friday: Sarah Carroll

Meet Sarah, Carroll, a nursing intent student from Flint, Michigan. Sarah started at Eastern Michigan University this past September through the Edge Program. She says she most enjoys the flexibility of college, the opportunities it affords, and the campus diversity. “I like the freedom I get in college such as being able to expand my… Continue reading Feature Friday: Sarah Carroll

Feature Friday: Arkell Clark

Meet Arkell Clark, our featured member of the Holman Success Center community! Arkell, from Redford, MI, was recently nominated by a professor as a standout student in the classroom. Arkell, a psychology major with minors in leadership and history, started at Eastern Michigan University this past September. While he has only been on campus for… Continue reading Feature Friday: Arkell Clark

Swoops Food Pantry @ EMU

Swoops food pantry is a hidden gem on campus. Run by a leadership board of students, faculty, staff, and alumni volunteers – this campus organization is a great resource for current EMU students that provides them with food assistance and additional resoureces to have a long-lasting and positive impact on their well-being while in college.… Continue reading Swoops Food Pantry @ EMU

It’s Women’s History Month!

March is Women’s History month! A time where we honor the accomplishments of women around the world. The first discussion on having any kind of day or month to recognize the accomplishments of women was established in 1981. Officially, it was instituted as “Women’s History Week” on March 7, 1982. In March 1987 after being petitioned by the… Continue reading It’s Women’s History Month!

Why you Need to Study Abroad Pt.1

Eastern Michigan University offers several opportunities for students to experience new cultures through our study abroad programs. For many students, coming to college and leaving their hometown for the first time is a hurdle in itself, so studying abroad can be quite scary and overwhelming. TiTyana Garder, a student worker in the HSC knows firsthand… Continue reading Why you Need to Study Abroad Pt.1

Finding Your Own Motivation

There is a saying in Brazil that goes like this “it’s easy to be accepted in the university, the difficult part is to get out of it”, meaning that succeeding in college is really hard. That is the reason why many people drop out or stay in college much longer than they had initially planned.… Continue reading Finding Your Own Motivation