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Fresher is Better…

Everyone loves food, especially college students, but you’ve probably never given much thought to the dinning services offered right here on Eastern’s campus. From a cadre of expertly trained professional chefs to a veritable army of student workers, dinning services acts like a well-oiled machine to bring you the food you love.

With 24 different eating options available all over campus, and a menu that changes weekly, you can eat a different meal for every meal all semester and never repeat the same order twice. Now that’s variety! The options range from the incredibly health conscious to traditional comfort foods. With the multitude of healthy options it shouldn’t be hard to avoid the freshman 15.

Even with dedicated vegetarian and international food stations devoted to bringing a wide range in eating options, the runaway favorite all around EMU is chicken fingers. Last year it made up close to a third of all of the 12, 000 meals served to hungry students. The official line from dining; you should try something new. They base their yearly menu selections, not only on what was popular last year, but on growing trends in the food universe. They also take advice from their staff dietician who helps to make sure the health options really have what it takes to be both delicious and not artery clogging.

Dining Services have made great strides in providing for every kind of diet. Again, with dedicated vegetarian only stations in the student center and options at almost every other station throughout campus, there are always options out there. They also strive to bring you vegan options, which are all marked by a red “V” in a circle, and gluten free alternatives, indicated by a golden “G” in a circle. And if need help finding one of these options, the trick is to simply ask. EMU Dining Services has a Food Intolerance & Allergen program, combining foods made onsite along with specialty foods brought in for specific dietary needs. Any student with a meal plan can receive a customized menu after meeting with the university’s Disability Resource Center and creating a FIAP profile. Once set up, you can pick up your food within the same week from several select EMU Dining Services restaurants. Popular meal plans include dairy free, shellfish & fish free, nut free as well as soy and egg free.

While the various dining services restaurants around campus are open for anyone and everyone, the primary users are the on board residential students. However, Dining Services really wants commuters to consider their food plan options; it might be a better value than you’d think. By buying meals in bulk from Dining Service, you can actually up the value of your cash. Meal prices drop from over 9 dollars to under 8, plus paying $200 for example will get you worth $220 worth of meal credits. Is that a deal or what? More food and better food for less money is hard logic to argue with. Dining Services is dedicated to bring the students faculty and staff at EMU the best fresh food possible at comparable rates to cheaper restaurants with all the convenience and options not available elsewhere, a huge advantage for the Commuter Advantage Plan.

Another great part of Dining Services is their connection to the rest of campus. While they are complexly self-sufficient in terms of operating costs, they are still very close to everyone who even visits campus once a week. With locations and Eagle Cafes all around, you are never far away. You might also know an employee or three, as Dining Services is the largest employer on campus. It is really great work if you can get it, as they are very flexible to your hours. Every applicant is interviewed for a position that is the right fit for them, from dishwashers to cooks to customer service. All of your hours are based around your academic schedule, to class always get priority. Plus with the restaurants working around the school calendar, you never have to worry about working holidays when the University is closed. Also free uniforms and food are just additional bonuses. If you are interested, just ask any manager about potential openings at the Dining Services location you wish to work at.

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