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Live Where You Learn

Eastern Michigan University’s Housing & Residence Life department conveniently offers 12 residence halls and 4 apartment complexes for students that choose to stay on campus (though first year students are required to do, unless they are commuting from their primary guardian’s permanent address within a 50 mile radius of campus). Each location is staffed 24 hours a day, with a Resident Advisor for each floor, a Graduate Hall Director for each hall and complex, and an Area Complex Director; a professional staff member.

Residential Life programs are offered throughout each semester, with nearly 300 programs every month on campus. Students are able to find a roommate through our online matching program, and returning residents are given priority during housing sign up. Residents are able to easily submit work orders through the physical plant’s website. All you have to do is type up the problem and specify the location. They work fast! Protocall, an after hours counseling service, is available for students who need crisis intervention by calling 487-1118, in addition to the other 24 crisis line available through CAPS. Residents on contract can receive meal plan help through our front desk. (Find out more about the great dining otions all over campus here.)

Each hall’s design and apartment layout has a showroom, open for tours year round. You can stop and check out what it might be like to live there. The Residence Housing Association is active in every hall and complex, creating and amplifying a voice for students there. You never have to feel like you don’t have a voice.

There are options for those of you that may have been here a while. A great place if this isn’t your first rodeo, so to speak. Buell Hall, the Village, and the Apartments are open only to upperclassmen.

Residential life also offers several unique and varied theme living areas. Ever wanted to live with other honors students? Or maybe just with older students? Residential life has you covered.  The Arts Appreciation Community in Walton, certaintly a fan favorite with those interested in the arts of all kinds.   Honors Community in Best and Downing, and the Marching Band Community in Wise are very popular choices as well. The over 21 floors in Hill and Hoyt is perfect for older students who want to build a bit of their own community. Other communities focus on healthy living, identity, and other aspects. The options are constantly changing, and many are based on student request. So if you don’t see what you are interested in, ask!

There are lots of reasons you should consider living right on campus proper. You’ll save money – all utilities, including cable and WiFi (excluding Village and Apartments–for now), are including in your housing payment. You’ll be much closer to your classes, friends, and campus facilities like the dining areas, the Rec, the library, etc. Perhaps most enticingly of all, research shows students who live on campus are more likely to have higher GPAs, continue with their schooling and graduate, and even be more satisfied with their overall college experience. So what do you have to lose?

The main Housing office is underneath the Commons, open 8-5 every weekday. You can also reach us at (734) 487-1300, housing@emich.edu, emich.edu/residencelife, Facebook.com/EMUHousingandResidenceLife, and twitter.com/emuhousing.

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