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PASS with flying colors!

Jesse Hamby, a sophomore Aviation major, knows what it takes to go through the PASS program. It gave him skills he says have now become like second nature to him. For example, he still uses the study tables for a quiet place to work on assignments and always schedules time after class each day to get the work he needs to do done right away.

Jesse had a very academically successful freshman year, in part thanks to the services offered by the Holamn Success Center. In combination with the effort and hard work he was willing to put in, Jesse made it through the year never receiving a grade below an “A.” This was not his only accomplishment to boast of; he logged far and away the most study table hours of any single student last year. Coincidence? I think not…

As an aviation technology student, Jesse has to deal with a lot of math, and that can add up to trouble in a hurry if you are not prepared to get a handle on the concepts. Fortunately, this time management skill is what Jesse really started to pick up using several of the services of the HSC.

When he first applied to the University and was accepted, he was also informed about the new PASS program. Intrigued by the thought, he said sure, it can’t hurt, and signed up for it. What he found out was that the Promoting Academic Skills and Success Program (PASS) is a first-year, academic support program designed to benefit students during their transition from high school to college. Students are recommended for admission and acceptance to Eastern Michigan University is contingent based on the student’s documented agreement to participate with the PASS Program.

PASS provides students with strategic course scheduling, free academic workshops, training in study skills, academic monitoring, and individualized instruction and advising assistance. Any incoming first year student can participate in the PASS Program. The majority of students that participate in PASS successfully move on to their sophomore year at Eastern Michigan University.

The biggest help that Jesse got from PASS was vital time management skills. Scheduled study hours were something he had never done or needed to do in High School. He had always just studied at school. College was a whole new experience. However, it was one where there was much more to study and less time to do it in. Now with PASS he would get home and have to study for hour everyday, a habit that still makes him successful into his second year at Eastern. He said it was very important to set aside a time free of distractions. That is a major key to success.

“The big advantage of working with Holman is that they can help to set up a pattern and routine. You don’t have to do it on your own. Plus, there are always tutors and experts around so they can get you into contact with them  if you did have problems.” While in PASS, Jesse needed to fulfill 10 hours each and every week at the study tables, something that was difficult at first, but very very valuable. Jesse explains, “It is extremely helpful, managing time wisely, priorities to accomplish on papers and test. Great for setting out long term goals. From this week for this class to larger cross semester.”

And it isn’t all time skills, Jesse said , “I’ve also learned social skills, talk to people forced to. I’m less timid about asking others for help. That also paid off in the long run for sure.”

Over all the experience Jesse had is what many say about the HSC. Jesse was especially thankful for the skills he picked up in subjects that were not his strong suit. While he was always good at math, before Holman, he had never earned an “a” in an English class before.

Jesse had some advice for others thinking about using some of the services HSC offers, “It may feel time consuming, but worth it. Every minute was worth it. Great way to eliminate distractions, a valuable skill and place to have. At this rate, they’ll need to add on to building because there are so many people using so many  services. I can’t wait to see what else they have in store.”

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