EMU Information / November 21, 2014

Student Organization Spotlight: Dancers of David


One of the biggest secrets to academic success is involvement. Not only involvement in classrooms, and doing school work, but in activities outside the classroom on campus. A student who is involved in a student organization is significantly more likely to graduate. From time to time, the HSC blog likes to highlight some of the plethora of student organizations available to EMU students.

This week; the Dancers of David.

Dancers of David was founded on EMU’s campus in 2000 by four students. Jamere Dixon, student leader of the group, says, “We have since been very active on campus. Dancers of David serves as Eastern Michigan University’s ONLY Christian dance ministry. We are a multifaceted organization with four main genres of dance including modern, mime, hip hop, and step and drill. The goal of this organization is to reach out to college age students to create a genuine love for God. We want to be an example on campus in ensuring that our peers understand that no one is perfect and God loves us no matter what. Being a Christian is not an easy thing to do, but with an entire family supporting you in your journey, it is the best experience one can have.”

In everyone’s life there must be balance. For many, this balance includes an aspect of spiritual or religious life. Jamere agrees, “You can still be a college student and live a spiritual life.” This balance can be as important as any other facet if you wish to have great academic success.

For students looking to join Dancers of David, practices are key. Attending them doesn’t need to feel like a burden, as any group or club that has regular meetings can be a stress releasing break from normal day to day school work.  They hold auditions once a semester (in September and in January), so that everyone can have a chance to try out. “We are always looking to evolve our organization with new ideas and new faces.”  Currently, Dancers of David is preparing for their annual fall showcase. This showcase will take place on December 6, 2014 at 7pm (Doors open at 6:30) in the Student Center Auditorium. The purpose of the showcase is, of course, to gain new members for the January auditions and to showcase how hard they’ve been working this semester. But the purpose is also to show the student body what they do and why they do it. Jamere knows that, stating “The dancing that we do is for a greater understanding than pure self-satisfaction.”


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