Crusin’ News: New Car Share Program on Campus

Have you ever just wanted to get away from it all? Here is some exciting news for everyone who has needed to get out of town. EMU has partnered with Enterprise car rentals to offer on campus car sharing through Enterprise CarShare for students, faculty and staff. Enterprise CarShare is a membership-based, automated car rental option that offers a sustainable, efficient and cost-effective transportation alternative. Registered members will have access to a Ford Focus located in the Putnam Lot and a Jeep Patriot located at Mayhew Lot 1, by DPS.

EMU students, faculty and staff who are 18 years old and older are eligible for membership in Enterprise CarShare, which offers 24/7 access to hourly, daily and overnight rentals. Members reserve a vehicle online, then access the vehicle using a membership card and return it to the same location. Fuel, basic physical damage and state-required liability protection are included in the standard rate plan.

Now you might be thinking to yourself that this will cost a fortune. Don’t worry about it! Now through March 15, Enterprise CarShare will offer new members a discounted application fee of $1 and will waive the first-year membership fee. Additionally, new members will receive $5 hourly rates until March 15. EMU students, faculty and staff can join with a credit card and valid driver’s license and can sign up for the program here. Enter promotional code SPRING on the application. Members can also download the new Enterprise CarShare app for iPhone and Android devices to make or modify reservations, extend rentals and choose pickup locations. How easy is that?

The actual process of using one of the cars couldn’t be more straightforward and easy.

  • Reserve

First, log in at using your member ID and password. Once logged in, choose the time you need and the car you want to reserve. Then confirm your reservation (You will receive a confirmation email with details and directions).

  • Unlock and Go

Now you just have to locate the vehicle identified on your reservation. Hold your membership card over the card reader on the windshield (Wait for the yellow light and then remove the card). The doors will unlock when the light turns green. Remove the key from the key holder located in the glove box and enjoy the drive. If you need fuel while you’re out, there’s a pre-paid fuel card in the car. Pretty cool, hun? Should you need any assistance, you can call our 24/7 Roadside Assistance and Member Service.

  • Return

Return your vehicle to the dedicated parking space where you found it. Place key in key holder located in glove box (Make sure the fob “snaps” back into the key holder). Exit the vehicle (just make sure you don’t manually lock the doors). Hold your membership card over the card reader on the windshield until the light turns red (If the light does not turn red, call us at 877-599-3227). Once the light turns red, the doors will lock and your rental has ended.

How cool is that? Click here for more information about this new program. See you on the streets!

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