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Eastern Michigan Facebook App

If you ask most college students one thing they check every day, they will answer things like email, the time and their mailbox. Almost all of them would also answer Facebook. Right now, the Eastern Michigan University Facebook app has thousands of student users, talking about all things Eastern. It’s like a virtual quad.

While the app is a few years old, it has constantly been growing. Next semester, in fall of 2015, the app will also be co administered and run with the help of the admission office, in an effort to bring in new students and have them connected with the larger EMU community. As you can see, students connect in all sorts of ways.



By the numbers: Since its inception in 2012, there have been 22,194 invited students,
over 50,000 posts and 1,202 User-created communities like “Working Out” and “Listening to Music.” Many of the most common terms used on the app can be found in the wordcloud, generated from all of the users posts. In just the last 30 days 1,120 users visited the app, there have been 2,578 new friend connections and a whopping  81 roommates found.

With success like this, the Facebook app is on track to be more popular than ever with the incoming cohorts in fall of 2015.

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