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First Day of Class! Welcome!

This post goes out to all of you who are having your very first day at college. It may seem daunting now, but it will go by in a flash. Here are a few tips to help you not only survive your first week, but power through to the start of a great 4 years!

For the first couple days, there is a lot to take in. Just remember to:

  • Get to know someone in each of your classes. You won’t necessarily make friends the first day, but it’s important to lay the groundwork. Knowing someone in each of your classes is invaluable: you can exchange notes, find out what happened when you were absent, and study together.
  • Organize your class materials. You should have a folder or organizer for each class. Make sure everything that gets passed out makes it in to your folder.
  • Write down everything your professors say (well, maybe not everything, but at least as much as you can). The first day is chock-full of information you’ll need all semester. Its great to have a written note to help jog your memory.
  • Make a copy of your class syllabi. Carry one copy with you and tack the other one to your bulletin  at home somewhere. You’ll be glad later that you did this when you need to consult due dates or assignment details in a quick glance.
  • Put all due dates into your organizer/calendar, and highlight all of the course requirements on your syllabus.
  • If there’s something the professor asks the class to do for the next class, do it that night so you don’t begin the term by falling behind. Yes, the dorm party is important too, but go only after you’ve made a dent in your homework.
  • Take a snack with you to class, as well as a bottle of water (or some other non-carbonated beverage, so it doesn’t make noise when you open it). You might not have time for lunch, and hunger isn’t good for concentration (or nerves). Most schools don’t mind you eating in class. Just be discreet about it.
  • Avoid the bookstore if you can. The lines will be insanely long line on the first day of classes. Instead, try to get up early the next day and wait at the bookstore when it opens. Also, check to see if you can get any of your books at another store: many used bookstores open near campus for just this purpose.
  • Don’t get too overwhelmed. Just breathe and try not to get frustrated. Take a moment to look at other people on campus; the other first years are in the same position you’re in, and everyone else was in your shoes on their first day too.
  • It’s a Matter of Time. Give yourself time to get used to college, well, everything! The last time school was such a totally new experience, your mom held your hand as she walked you in the doors at Kindergarten. It might be tempting to get involved in every club and organization under the sun but you won’t have time to do it all! Limit yourself to a few that really make you happy – and leave a little time to just do nothing, too.
  • A New Beginning:College is a fresh start. Why not try something you’ve never tried before but that always looked or sounded kind of fun? Be the person you’ve always wanted to be!  You never know if you will like something until you actually try it!
  • If it isn’t the best day, don’t worry! You have four more years!If you haven’t had the best first day, don’t worry about it! There are many people who don’t love their first day of college but still go on to have a great four years at college, so don’t put too much pressure on these 24 hours. Just think, you’ll meet even more people tomorrow, and one of those people could be your new best friend!
    Your first day, and in fact the entire Welcome Week, is a very stressful experience—and many people don’t have the best time. But it’s okay! You’ll settle in soon, especially once you’re in the routine of classes and have met people with similar interests in your classes and through the extracurriculars that you choose to join. Try and make the most of your first day with these tips, but don’t panic if it isn’t perfect!

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