And they’re off!

We hope everyone is having a great first week of classes. Always nice to have a fresh start to the year. As we make our way towards December, here are some important dates to keep in mind as everyone gets settled into their new schedule.

9/14/15Last date to add courses via the web (a)

10/29/15Last date to add courses with departmental authorization

9/17/15Last date for 100% tuition refund (individual or total withdraw from term)

9/17/15Last date to declare pass/fail grading option or select to audit a course

11/16/15Last date for individual class withdrawal (with W grades) – No Refund

10/2/15 (b)Last date for 50% tuition refund (total withdrawal only) with W grades

10/29/15 (b)Last date for 25% tuition refund (total withdrawal only) with W grades

11/25 (Wed) No classes – University Open

11/26 (Thur) – 11/29 (Sun) Thanksgiving Recess – University Closed

11/30 (Mon) Classes Resume

12/14 (Mon) Last Day of Classes

12/14/15 (b)Last date for total withdrawal from term (with W grades) – No Refund

12/14/15Last date to remove pass/fail grading option and receive letter grade

12/15 (Tue) – 12/18 (Fri) Final Exams

12/18 (Fri) Close of Fall Semester

12/19 (Sat) Commencement

Dec 24 – Jan 1 University Closed

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