Need A Tutor?

Need A Tutor?

Holman Success Center offers numerous tutoring options in a wide variety of subjects and formats, all free of charge! Now that’s a deal!

OPTION 1 – HSC Drop-In Tutoring

Located in Halle Library’s Eagle Study Tables (1st Floor, South Commons), our drop-in tutors are available weekly at Study Tables to assist with a variety of high-demand classes. Click the link below for the most recent schedule of courses and times.

Drop-In Tutoring Schedule

OPTION 2 – Departmental Tutoring

Many campus departments offer tutoring for their courses.  These hours are a great resource as many departments utilize the expertise of graduate students or professors.  Click the schedule below to find out where and when.

Departmental Tutoring Hours and Locations

OPTION 3 – Online Tutoring

Eastern Michigan University and the Holman Success Center have partnered with InstaEDU, the world’s top online tutoring service.  InstaEDU connects you with highly qualified tutors, combining the convenience of working online with the quality of in-person tutoring.  Our individually screened tutors cover more than 2,500 subjects, ranging from basic subjects to AP material to advanced college courses.

Please review Options 1 & 2 above before requesting online tutoring.  This service is provided based on your needs.  If on-campus tutoring is available for your course, you may not be given access to online tutoring. If it is determined that online tutoring is the best solution for you, we will provide you with a login and password to the InstaEDU system.


Here are some quick tips to make the most out of your tutor time.

Bring your notes and necessary tools.

If you are planning to review concepts, the tutor needs to see what you have been learning. Bring all books, class notes, syllabus and things like your laptop or calculator if they are needed to get the work done. You can’t show up to an appointment empty handed and still expect to get the help you need.

Never give up!

A lot of people approach a tutor already feeling defeated. A positive attitude is the most important thing if you want to raise your grade. Even if you are failing a class, put your best effort into trying. You’ll be surprised how well you can do!

Keep studying afterwards.

Continue working on your homework, going over your notes and reading your textbook. Don’t wait until your next appointment to review your notes. Make sure you are fully confident with the work on your own.

Don’t expect a miracle.

If your exam is tomorrow and this is your first visit, you are probably seeking a quick fix; it doesn’t work that way. Tutoring works best when you have developed a relationship with the tutor. Once you start to feel uneasy about an upcoming exam, come on in. By the time the exam rolls along, you will be comfortable with your tutor and ready to tackle any exam.

Go to class.

If you are still skipping class at the point of getting a tutor, you need to reorganize your thoughts. Remember: a tutor is not a replacement for a professor.

Tutors cannot do your homework for you.

This is pretty self-explanatory.

Lead the session; you are in charge!

If you are only seeking help with one concept, make your needs direct. Many of my students say they are confused about “everything” when they really just have a few questions. If you do not need a full review, don’t waste your time with one.


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