Student Spotlight: Britney Peeples


We recently sat down with one of EMU’s star students, Britney Peeples and asked her some questions about her experiences with HSC. Here you can hear about the services HSC offers right from the horses mouth.

My name is Britney Peeples, I’m a hard working sophomore here at Eastern Michigan University, and I‘m actually in the process of changing my major to Entertainment and Design technology. Throughout my life I’ve established that my main hobbies are being creative, singing, and being inspirational in exciting ways. This led me to be extremely interested in music, scene shop construction, and fashion design because they all partake in features of my hobbies. My goals are to become a Scene shop Designer/Constructor, open my very own women’s clothing store that allows women of all shapes and sizes to enhance both their inner and outer beauty, and to one day inspire the world with my very own music.

  1. What HSC services have you used?
    I often use the HSC study tables, as well as the writing center.
  2. How did you first find about HSC?

When I attended my fast track orientation I was informed on the HCS.

  1. What is most useful about HSC, and how has it helped you specifically?

I believe that study tables has been the most valuable to me because, it’s kept me focused, there’s tutoring, there’s a writing Center I can attend to perfect my writing skills. It has indeed helped me as a student to know that I will have just about everything I need to prosper, and that I’m not alone in an atmosphere that can obviously get tough.

  1. Would you recommend them to a friend? Why?

I would absolutely recommend Study tables to a friend because growing up I’ve never the honor of having as much help as I do now. It takes hard work to being a college student, then not only will study tables keep individuals motivated with all the cool prizes, it will also keeps your head in the game, and at the end of the day we all have a job to get done, so why not?

  1. This is your chance to reach out to a couple thousand students via the blog. What would you like to say or recommend about Eastern or HSC?

I truly appreciate the HSC for making my college experience a better one by giving me the tools I need be successful.

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