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Department Spotlight: Psychology

It is the biggest department in the College of Arts and Sciences…odds are you know someone who is a Psychology major. There are over 1, 000 of them! As one of the most popular majors at all of EMU, it is no surprise that Psychology is also one of the strongest programs, with its graduate program in psychology rated in the top 30 in the country, even beating out our friendly neighbors in Ann Arbor. This strong grad program has a direct impact on the undergrad program, creating lots of opportunities to work first hand on numerous top notch studies being preformed here. In total, the department offers an undergraduate major at 32 credit hours and minor for 20 credit hours in psychology, a minor in Human Sexuality at 21 credit hours, three masters programs in Experimental, General Clinical, Clinical Behavioral, and a PhD  program in Clinical Psychology.

So there are lots of ways to get involved, but what is psychology, anyway? Broadly speaking, psychology is the natural science of human behavior and the biological and cognitive functions that go along with it. The undergraduate major prepares students to work in just about anything you set your mind to. Popular choices are healthcare settings as aides or assistants, in human resource departments, and in outpatient daycare and group home settings.Since psychology offers an insight into the way the mind works, it is a great platform to combine with almost any other major or minor. Another benefit of psychology is the experience of working with people of all different backgrounds sets you up for success in almost any field you want to set yourself toward.  If you are interested in further studies, the program will also set you up perfectly to  apply for graduate degrees in a variety of areas of psychology.

Many undergraduate students have presented their work at national and regional conferences, as well as EMU’s annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. You can also get involved with the Psychology Club for information about opportunities in the field of psychology and how to get into graduate programs. If your psychology GPA is high enough after completing 9 credits in psychology, you will be invited to join PSY CHI, an honors organization for psychology majors.

So if you are set on getting into psychology, there are definitely some classes you need to take. PSY 101 is a must. All majors and minors start out with this course. Getting in is not difficult since there are over 20 different sections offered. The best part of this class is that it also counts as a general education requirement, so if it turns out psychology is not for you, the class won’t set back your graduation time any. PSY 101 should be taken with a lab component, PSY 103. There are four major groups of classes to choose from, all laid out to ensure that a broad spectrum of skills and studies are met for every major. The most popular classes are Abnormal Psychology, Industrial Organizational Psychology, and the Psychology of Sex. So there is something for everyone in this field.

To find out more, check out the Psychology Department website, or stop by the offices on the 3rd Floor of Mark Jefferson Science Complex. .


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