EMU Information / April 5, 2016

Department Spotlight: Physics and Astronomy

Even if they can’t read your horoscope (That’s Astrology) the Department of Physics and Astronomy have a lot to offer. They offers majors in physics, physics research, engineering physics and physics teaching and minors in astronomy, general science, physics and physics teaching. The department also administers interdisciplinary offerings in pre-engineering, general science, integrated science teaching and physical science teaching.
Physics faculty study a wide range of research topics including surface physics, optics, space physics, and plasma physics.

Physicists are usually not out on the job hunt for very long. The department prides itself on graduates finding jobs in their chosen fields very quickly. And with a physics degree, that field can vary widely. The major pairs well with many others. Even business majors that also major or minor in physics set themselves up for work in lots of major companies. One recent graduate now works in upper management at J C Penny! The reason for this? Physics teaches problem solving skills. Reading critically and writing clearly and succinctly are keys to success in the department, and on the job later in life. These are the exact skill sets that many employees look for.

Physics offers a huge variety of classes, but 101 is always a good start. It fills a gen. ed. requirement, so you graduation time table won’t be thrown off if you want to give physics a try. Check out PSCI 110, the Science of Everyday Life or the tried and true PHY 101 to give a great all around introduction to physics. Plus, many of the astronomy classes, like ASTR 105 and 204,  are perfect for night owls. While the lecture portion of the classes take place during normal hours, most astronomical observations have to happen well after dark. If you come from a big city, odds are you may have never seen some of the coolest phenomena that can be observed with the powerful telescope that call EMU home.

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