EMU Information / March 30, 2016

Society of Africology presents Know Your Rights!

You’ve seen the TV shows, now hear the truth. Know you rights! EMU’s own Officer Candice Dorsey will be presenting a lecture about your rights when dealing with the police in the United States tonight (3/30/16)  at 6 in the Parkridge Community Center (591 S. Armstong, Ypsilanti)

The lecture will promote an awareness of some of the most important laws that the average person needs to know. You rights as a citizen will be identified. You have some of the most powerful rights in the world, but they won’t help if you don’t know them. Everything will be boiled down in some easy to remember “do’s” and “do not do’s” when dealing with the police in any interaction. The best part of this lecture is that it is coming straight from an active duty police officer. She hopes to give all in attendance a better understanding of why an officer does what they do. It isn’t always like in the movies. There is also scheduled time for a public discussion and examination of the benefits of community policing.


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