EMU Information / April 22, 2016

Welcome to the HSC Family!


The Holman Success Center (HSC) would like to welcome it’s newest staff member, Dr. Ethriam Brammer! Thanks to a new grant, EMU is now participating in the Student Support Services (SSS) TRIO program. The SSS, combined with TRIO Upward Bound and TRIO McNair scholarships, were designed by the federal government 50 years ago to help students all the way from high school throughout completion of a graduate degree. With this SSS program in place, Dr. Brammer will help to complete that pipeline to higher education attainment at EMU.

Ethriam Cash Brammer is a Chicano writer and scholar, originally from El Centro, California, with quite a bit of experience under his belt prior to coming to EMU. Dr. Brammer began his undergraduate studies at USC San Diego where he started as a computer science major before finding a true passion for writing. This trend continued until the completion of his MFA at San Francisco State with a focus on creative writing. He now has a doctorate from Wayne State and is a translation scholar, translating a number of works from early U.S. Latino/a literature, including The Adventures of Don Chipote: Or, When Parrots Breast Feed, by Daniel Venegas (Arte Público Press, 2000); Lucas Guevara, by Alirio Díaz Guerra (Arte Público Press, 2003); and, Under The Texas Sun, by Conrado Espinoza (Arte Público Press, 2007).

Dr. Brammer is also a passionate advocate for increasing children’s literacy and has been deeply involved in efforts to support programs such as El Día del Niño/El Día del Libro and PRIME TIME Family Reading Time, two programs supported by the American Library Association.  He is also the author of two original bilingual children’s books: My Tata’s Guitar/La guitara de mi tata (Arte Público Press, 2003) and Allá en el Rancho Grande/The Rowdy, Rowdy Ranch (Arte Público Press, 2004).

In addition to writing books, Dr. Brammer has worked as a screenwriter during the years he lived in New York City. It was there that he met his wife, who obtained a job at EMU when they moved to Michigan in 2003. This mutual connection to the University means that Dr. Brammer is no stranger to campus. He is very excited to return from a strictly administrative role and get to work directly with students again. So next time you find yourself in the HSC office, stop by and give a warm and friendly welcome to Dr. Ethriam Brammer!


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