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HSC Honors Edge Student!

Students in the Edge program at Eastern Michigan University work hard from the moment they step foot on campus. Edge students receive free academic workshops, training in study skills, academic monitoring, individualized instruction and advising assistance to ensure their academic success during their first year in college and beyond.

With a core focus on academic success, we would like to congratulate Naja Martin on her acceptance to the Honor’s College!

Here are a few words Naja’s UNIV instructor Veronica Konglim had to say:

This is Naja Martin, a freshman here at EMU and in the EDGE program. Naja is a very outgoing, hardworking and personable individual. Always looking out and trying to help her classmates. She is also a good critical thinker who asks very deep, provocative and thoughtful questions. We talked about applying to the Honor’s College last semester during our success coach meeting and after asking a ton of questions, Naja completed the application. Lo and behold! on 2/8/17 she got the confirmation she had been admitted. This is her second semester at EMU. I am so proud of Naja, for her fighting spirit and determination.

Congratulations again Naja!!

Ja'La Wourman

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