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Why you Need to Study Abroad – Pt 2

Studying abroad is a great opportunity for students to get out of their comfort zone and explore a new culture while receiving credits that will count towards graduation. As we continue on with Pt.2 of our study abroad student spotlight, senior Brianna Moore had lots to share about her recent trip to Jamaica. Read below for the full interview!

Where did you travel? I traveled to Montego Bay, Jamaica

What study abroad program did you sign up for and were you required to take a class? The study abroad program that I was in was titled Service Learning for Health & Human Service Professionals. This was a required class for the trip.

How did this trip connect to your major: My major is Sports Performance & Fitness Entrepreneurship (SPFE), with a minor in Entrepreneurship. This study abroad program was initially for Nursing, Social Work, and Health Administrative students, so it was a challenge for me to find what program would be a best fit for me. I tailored this program to fit my unique major because I looked at health from a holistic aspect. Instead of just focusing on the sports factor, I looked at it from all angles. I thought about injury prevention, rehabilitation, and different types of therapy that the doctors might have used for their patients. I had to switch up my thought process in order to make this trip work for me and my major.

How were you able to meet the financial requirements: With the
use of my financial aid, I was able to pay for the trip.

Why do you believe it’s important to travel abroad
during your time in college? It’s important that you travel during your time in college because that is probably the time that you will be able to make the trip happen (financial aid, possible scholarships, etc.). College is a time that you are discovering more about yourself, and traveling to another country can help greatly in that aspect! You will know things about yourself that you never knew.

What were some of the most memorable highlights from your trip? One aspect that was very impactful for me was the citizens. When we had down time to go explore, I was able to see first-
hand, how they interacted with each other. They are really about making their ends meet. They work very hard to make sure that they are set. Another aspect that stood out to me was that they make very good use of the resources they have. On our trip, we visited hospitals, in which we compared them to U.S. hospitals systems to see the differences and similarities between the two. Unfortunately, some of the hospitals we visited lacked resources. With the resources that they had available to them, they made very good use of it, and I was impressed. At the end of the day, they did their absolute best to make sure the patients were healthy and taken care of.

What advice would you give to students who are unsure about traveling abroad?The advice I would give to students is to take the opportunity when it’s presented to you. This is a chance of a lifetime, and you may not get it again for a long time. If you really w
ant it, you’ll go and get it. Get all of the help and resources that you can to make sure you get your spot. Go above and beyond in order to get this opportunity!

Do you plan to go on more study abroad trips? If so, where?I do plan on going on more study abroad trips. I was thinking possibly Barcelona or Barbados!

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