EDGE / Spotlight / May 24, 2017

Congratulations DuVarius Vaughn!


The Holman Success Center would like to sincerely congratulate EMU Edge Program alum DuVarius Vaughn.

“For those entering the Edge program: Make friends at the study tables and take notes in UNIV! While graduating was the biggest of many accomplishments, there is one other that stood out the most.¬†Networking, collaborating and building a team of like-minded individuals is one of them. This would not have been possible if I never took the path through college, I think. My number one inspiration through this journey has been none other than my mother, of course. In the future, I hope that I can buy my mom a car and finance her house!”

-DuVarius Vaughn

Matt Archer
Matt Archer is a graduate of the University of South Carolina, with a Bachelor of Arts in Music, and cognates in Education and Dance. A first generation college student firmly rooted in the arts and in social justice issues, he has working experience from several different public flagship and private universities, having left a collegiate Information Technology/Student Services career of 7 years to return to school in order to teach and help others. He strongly believes in equitable university affairs, in the empowerment of others, in the capacity of people to achieve their goals, and in actualizing integrity and values. He is grateful for the opportunity to serve as a UNIV Instructor and Success Coach, and hopes to soon continue his teaching experience with a Ph.D.

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