Pro Tips / November 21, 2017

TED Talk Tuesday: Sandrine Thuret

Sandrine Thuret. neuroscientist, busts the myth that adults don’t grow new brain cells in her TED Talk. Her talk outlines the process of neurogenesis, adult brains generating new nerve cells. Thuret says neuroscientists have discovered that the hippocampus, the part of the brain that controls learning, memory, and emotion, is also a spot for new neuron production. This research suggests that without the production of these new neurons, adult memory capacity and the quality of memories would be reduced.

Sandrine says adults do have control over the generation of new brain cells. Learning, intimacy, and running all lead to neurogenesis. Things like stress and sleep deprivation do not. Research also shows that being active and eating a nutritious diet also affects the production of new neurons.

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