Spotlight / January 5, 2018

Feature Friday: Sarah Carroll

Meet Sarah, Carroll, a nursing intent student from Flint, Michigan. Sarah started at Eastern Michigan University this past September through the Edge Program. She says she most enjoys the flexibility of college, the opportunities it affords, and the campus diversity.

I like the freedom I get in college such as being able to expand my horizons and get to know myself more,” she says. “At first, I was overwhelmed with being on my own and keeping up with my classes but I got adjusted quickly and I got the hang of things.”

Sarah says her focus and dedication to her classes has helped her find success thus far. She balances her social and academic life, making time for both.

“For example, if my friends ask to hangout during the time that I go to study tables, I tell them ‘no, but I’d be more than happy to hang out once I get my work done,’” she says.

Study Tables, which help Sarah complete her work, is just one of the benefits the Holman Success Center has offered her. She says Success Coaching helps her stay “regulated” and the HSC as a whole has offered her guidance as she transitions into college.

After graduating from college, Sarah hopes to become a travel nurse which would allow her to explore new places and try new things. She says her caring and nurturing nature would help her find success in this field.

In addition to working as a travel nurse, Sarah says she also hopes to work as a model and wants to help her hometown, Flint.

“I want to rebuild all the broken down houses and buildings and better the education system,” she says. “I also want athletes, lawyers, and doctors from Flint to come and tell their story of how they overcome their challenges and made it out of Flint. I also want to give a motivational speech.”

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