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5 Reasons to Prioritize Planning this Semester (And 3 Ways to Effectively Plan)

Welcome back to campus! As the Winter semester gets started, prioritize planning to avoid a mid-semester break down. While everyone has some kind of weekly schedule with work and school, surprises always happen. Your boss might ask you to pick up an extra shift, you’ll have to spend some time meeting for a group project, or your professor might offer an extra credit opportunity for attending an evening lecture. Maintaining a planner can help you keep it all straight. Keep reading to learn about some of the benefits of planning.

  1. Recording all your responsibilities can help you manage your time. Actually seeing when you have stuff to do will ensure that you don’t double book yourself.
  2. A planner can help you increase your productivity. If you know exactly when you need to be where, you can pick up that extra shift or schedule that meeting with a professor during some of your free time.
  3. Planning ahead can help you work toward your goals. Writing out or typing up your plans for the next day, week, month, and semester will create a clear path toward your future goals.
  4. Having a visual of everything you need to get done in the week can help you say “no” to unnecessary tasks. Doing less can actually help you do a few things well as opposed to doing many things poorly.
  5. Using a planner might help you remember your responsibilities and tasks better. The act of writing or typing everything out is in fact a review of your schedule.

Staying organized is easy with these tips.

  1. First, pick a planner! It’s up to you to decide whether you want a physical or digital planner. You can find physical planners that have both the monthly and physical sections to plan long and short-term. All Emich email accounts have access to a digital Google Calendar which is highly customizable. You can even set notifications and reminders that come right to your phone if you download the Google Calendar app.
  2. Start your week by planning ahead. Before you start your week, write out (or type in) everything you have to do so you’re prepared for what’s to come. You won’t be blindsided by a quiz or that extra shift you picked up if you take the time to plan it all out.
  3. Don’t just plan for the “extra stuff.” As unlikely as it seems, you can forget about your weekly commitments in the midst of the semester. Make sure you continue to keep track of class times and your work schedule.

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