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Motivation Monday: Khalil Gibran, “The Eye”

Khalil Gibran, 1883-1931, was a Lebanese writer and artist. His work often explores the mind-body connection and drifts into the spiritual. He rejects rigid social rules and opts for joyful freedom.


Khalil Gibran, “The Eye”

Said the Eye one day, “I see beyond these valleys a mountain veiled with blue mist.  Is it not beautiful?”

The Ear listened, and after listening intently awhile, said, “But where is any mountain?  I do not hear it.”

Then the Hand spoke and said, “I am trying in vain to feel it or touch it, and I can find no mountain.”

And the Nose said, “There is no mountain, I cannot smell it.”

Then the Eye turned the other way, and they all began to talk together about the Eye’s strange delusion.  And they said, “Something must be the matter with the Eye.”

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