Pro Tips / February 6, 2018

TED Talk Tuesday: Heather Lanier

Heather Lanier challenges the labels we give situations in her TED Talk “‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ Are Incomplete Stories we tell Ourselves.” These labels, she says, can blind us from the truth of situations, simply relying on the label we’ve given it. She said we should approach situations with “wonder” and “curiosity.”

Lanier shares a poignant story about the birth of her daughter, Fiona, who has a genetic condition. She notes the fluid nature of reality and the way loosening her grip on labels helped her reach acceptance of her reality. Lanier suggests that when we embrace difference and reject stereotypes, we will be more open to the humanity in others.

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Mona Beydoun
I am a senior literature student with minors in journalism and religious studies. In addition to writing for the Holman Success Center blog I also work as a reading and writing drop in tutor, a peer tutor at the Writing Center, and an undergraduate student fellow at The Honors College. I enjoy reading and watching period dramas in my free time.

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