Pro Tips / March 5, 2018

Motivation Monday: Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson was a Romantic poet from mid-nineteenth century New England. While her work can sometimes seem dark and abstract, there is often an underlying hope for humanity. Once readers learn to find Dickinson’s humor, her work becomes a joy to read.

Emily Dickinson, “Nature – sometimes sears a Sapling”

Nature—sometimes sears a Sapling—

Sometimes—scalps a Tree—

Her Green People recollect it

When they do not die—


Fainter Leaves—to Further Seasons—

Dumbly testify—

We—who have the Souls—

Die oftener—Not so vitally—

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Mona Beydoun
I am a graduate written communications student. In addition to writing for the Holman Success Center blog I also work as the graduate assistant for the Eastern Michigan Writing Project and Campus and Community Writing. I enjoy reading and watching period dramas in my free time.

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