Wellness Wednesday: Drink More Water!

In America, new food crazes seem to pop up every week. We should eat kale! Now we need micro-greens! Everyone must put collagen in their smoothies to function! While health is at the core of these movements, they are overwhelming and can push people away from attempting to eat a healthy diet. While eating lots of kale is great, making smaller changes might prove more manageable and sustainable. Keep reading to learn about the changes you’ll see once you increase the amount of water you drink (eight 8-oz. cups is a great place to start!).

  1. More energy! Drinking more water will help you focus more and fight fatigue. Make sure to pack a bottle before heading out to study.

  2. Sickness gets passed around our campus so easily. You can catch a cold or the flu just by touching a door handle. Sipping on water throughout the day can help you fight illnesses by giving your immune system a boost.

  3. Once you buy a reusable water bottle (which you can get for less than $15), drinking water is free and better for the environment. By filling up at one of the water filling stations around campus, rather than buying a bottle of pop or tea, you’re keeping plastic bottles out of landfills and you’re saving money because it’s FREE!

  4. If you combine carrying a heavy backpack, staring at a screen, and being dehydrated, you get a really bad headache. Drinking more water can help you avoid those midday headaches.

  5. Keeping your body hydrated helps your body rid itself of waste more efficiently. This means your bathroom habits will become more regular and you’ll be working to prevent infections.

Here are some ways to drink more water on a daily basis.


  • Buy a couple of reusable water bottles. First, you can find high quality bottles at places like Target and Walmart for an affordable price. Second, drinking out of a dirty water bottle just makes the water taste bad.  Having more than one will insure that you have a clean one you can throw in your backpack every morning.


  • Keep your water bottle out when you’re sitting at a desk. What use is remember to bring your water bottle to campus if it sits in your backpack all day? Make sure you can see your water bottle and you’ll be more likely to sip throughout the day.

  • Start your day with water. Drink a couple cups of water before you eat breakfast or drink coffee.

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