Pro Tips / April 3, 2018

TED Talk Tuesday: Kathryn Schulz, “On Being Wrong”

Kathryn Schulz, a writer for The New Yorker, is considered a “wrongologist.” She is focused on the way humans tend to reject the notion that they can be and are often wrong. The idea that we are always right, according to Schulz, is a big social problem.

She notes, rather profoundly, that the actual act of being wrong feels like being right and that it can easily go unnoticed. It is the realization that one is wrong that causes feelings of devastation and embarrassment. Society tells us that people who are wrong are lazy and that success is found through perfection. We’ve connected being wrong to an essential personal inadequacy.

Schulz says we should not simply trust the feeling that we are always right. This attitude, buying into the feeling of being right, leads to harmful assumptions about others. She argues that we miss an important aspect of being human when we hold too tightly onto being right.

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