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3 Places to Perform Acts of Community Service in Ypsilanti this Summer

Whether you’re getting ready to attend EMU or you’re going into your senior year, summer is a great time to learn about becoming an active member of Ypsilanti, a rich spot for community involvement. Keep reading to learn about some places in the area where you can volunteer your time.

  1. Growing Hope: Spend some time out in nature this summer! Growing Hope, a local non-profit, is focused on providing food and gardening assistance (among other things) to Ypsilanti. The organization depends on help from volunteers at both the farm and local farmers markets. Learn more about volunteer opportunities here.

  2. Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels: The offices of Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels are just a short walk away from campus. The organization offers a wide variety of opportunities, ranging from a couple hours of involvement to a high level of commitment. Whether you decide to drop off meals or offer web support, you’ll have a rewarding experience. Get started here.

  3. 826 Michigan: This organization serves as a non-profit writing center. Volunteers can help at Ypsilanti schools and at the center’s offices with literacy and writing workshops and weekly tutoring. 826 also offers internship opportunities. This is a great way to connect with our youth.

When serving as a volunteer, it is always important to remember the population you are serving. Before making assumptions, do your research and ask questions. Make sure to talk with the people who run these organizations to understand their needs. Finally, enjoy yourself when you volunteer! Put your phone away, engage with with the people you are serving, and always be kind.

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