3 Steps to Finding an On-Campus Job

Being a student is expensive. While everyone is aware of the obvious costs of an education – tuition, books, and class supplies – college life also comes with smaller expenses that add up. The independence students gain when they get to college comes with the some financial obligations such as gas, Amazon Prime, and the occasional Marco’s Pizza.

On-campus jobs are a great way to earn extra cash. Most of these jobs are flexible, allowing you to build a schedule around your classes and are just a walk away from your dorm. Working at EMU is a great way to connect with people who can serve as a reference when you look for work after graduation. Keep reading to learn about a few ways to find a job here at EMU.

  1. Start with my.emich.edu. The “Campus Announcements” section on the homepage always has job listings for undergraduate students. Click on the jobs you’re interested in to see a description and find application links. There are always positions posted from all around campus.

  2. Set up your Handshake account. This website allows you to browse job listings, upload your resume information, and make appointments with career coaches and resume experts.

  3. Talk to people! It never hurts to stop by an office and simply ask if they’re hiring. If you’re interesting in working for a specific department or office, you can ask about open positions or when their current employees are graduating. You’d be surprised by the number of jobs you’ll simply stumble upon if you take the time to ask if there’s an open spot.

Two final pieces of advice:

  • Apply for jobs even if you’re only partially qualified. Oftentimes, managers and supervisors are looking for students with strong work ethic and are ready to train them for specific jobs. They might also have a different job in mind for you and decide to call you in for an interview. Don’t miss out on possible opportunities because you think you aren’t qualified enough.

  • Stop by the University Advising and Career Development office. The career development side of this office offers professional development services for free. Coaches will talk one-on-one with you about your resume and career path. The aid the coaches provide is expensive outside of EMU. Take advantage!

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