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EMU Engage App Fosters Student Engagement and Communication

Over the past 3 years, the Holman Success Center has been working with app developers to provide students with a tool that supports students and allows them to connect organically in an online platform with easy access to the resources they need to persist and succeed. The EMU Engage app does all of this and now, more than ever, students need a way to stay connected and find resources as easily as possible.

After downloading the app from the Google Play or Apple Store and choosing the student experience, faculty will be able to see immediately how user-friendly and useful the app is. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, students have had easy access to the most up-to-date information from President Smith, the CDC, WHO, along with other important COVID-19 related information.

Before we moved to virtual courses, the app helped students access all of the support services that were offered on campus. By the Monday after we switched to a virtual campus, the app reflected all of the new virtual support services that are now offered through Eastern Michigan. This allowed students to continue to get support while they adjust to the new situation and ever-changing classroom environments.

Looking further on the first page, students have access to campus events, the featured scholarships (which are updated weekly), they can see the dining menu, and much more. Yet, the EMU Engage app has much more for students than just the campus resources on the first page. Clicking on the person icon at the bottom, allows students to see their courses, calendar (which syncs with canvas), and any upcoming events. This will allow a student to stay more on track with all of their activities throughout the semester.

Finally, the wall is the feature students enjoy and utilize the most. Like any other social media platform, the wall allows an excellent place for organic community building, something that every college strives to provide. Students ask questions about anything from course material to navigating campus to figuring out which restaurant in town is the best (or the wurst). Students find roommates and friends, get advice on professors, and start their small businesses all by connecting with other students through the EMU Engage App.

What should that mean for faculty and staff? Download the EMU Engage app and encourage your students to be part of the campus community through this platform! This next year will be filled with uncertainty and constant changes. The more the campus community can stay connected, the more supported everyone will feel and it will be easier to get through this together. If there is something that you believe needs to be highlighted on or through the app or if you have any questions, please contact James Tobias (jtobias@emich.edu), I would love to talk.

James Tobias is a Success Coach with the Holman Success Center. He manages the EMU Engage app and the Eagle Rewards program.

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