Student Voices

Rachel Socia (Freshman, Art Major; Concentration: Graphic Design)

During the Edge study room and workshop sessions, Arkell has been an amazing instructor! I have a lot of fun connecting with my other peers and gaining new information from him. Arkell is professional and very intelligent. He is also caring towards his students and anyone he speaks to. I can tell what a great student he is and I wish him nothing but the best for his life after college. I know he will be successful and continue to help others. During our meetings, I always feel comfortable sharing new things that happened during the week. I am grateful that Arkell allowed me to join his study rooms and workshops! Keep being awesome Arkell, the world needs more people like you! 

Anjelia Williams (Sophomore, Political Science Major)

I definitely feel that UNIV has positively impacted my college experience. I believe that the purpose of the class is to give students tools and resources to help them through their college experience. Now being in my second year of college, I am still using a lot of the tips and tricks we learned. UNIV has helped me to be more organized and has helped me to learn a lot of studying tricks that I did not know of before. I also have made some amazing friends from this class. After doing group work and working together on projects, we are still good friends today. I am also beyond grateful that we were required to meet with a success coach at least once. I still love to use this resource now. I highly recommend taking this class as a freshman. It truly helps to prepare you for college academics.

Traniece Gayden (Freshman, Criminology & Criminal Justice Major)

I am a freshman at EMU majoring in Criminology/Criminal Justice. I am so glad that I decided to attend Eastern and be involved in their EMU Edge Program. At first, things were going great but over time it got slightly overwhelming with a lot of distractions and responsibilities being added on to my typical schedule. The Edge Program does have its requirements though – it’s not just there for you to just have as bragging rights. It’s an actual class with requirements such as meeting with a success coach, PAC, and attending skill workshop meetings. All help me to become more organized and aware of what comes first. When I had my first meetings with Alex and Zaria, my PAC and success coach, I didn’t know what to say to them and I didn’t want to say the wrong thing. Although, within a few weeks, both of them collectively brought me out of my shell and I began to build a stronger relationship with both of them, and I’m so glad that I did.

Edge Student Experience: Jerico Renfroe

Second year Edge student, Jerico Renfroe, shares their first year experience, reflecting on the benefits of the Edge Program, and what it’s done for them long-term.

I am a student in Bio 305 and my SI is Ben Huff. I just wanted to say that he’s doing an amazing job and deserves all the praise (and maybe even a raise?). He’s doing an amazing job of helping us students get excited about the content and get prepared for exams. His strategies and perspective as a student have been really valuable. I just wanted to give him a shoutout because he’s doing great work. Thank you very much for your time and for providing opportunities to work with SIs like Ben!

I recently have been going to DIT and meeting with Ayanda. Ayanda is such a sweet person who really knows how to make someone feel welcome. She is always helpful with my math homework and is always helping me to make sure I understand the material. I have been finding my homework to become easier with the help she provides and I really appreciate her methods in helping a student. Thank you Ayanda for always helping and being an amazing tutor.

MATH 120 SI Leader, Hannah Thuemmel

Midterms are quickly approaching! How can students prepare themselves and feel confident walking (or clicking) into their exam?
Start preparing now.  Don’t save studying until the last minute.  Review the homework, edit your notes, and take any practice tests that are available. When you know you’ve done your best to prepare, you’ll feel less stressed as you take your exam.

Notecards are great… but not enough!: The importance of employing a variety of learning strategies
While notecards do help you memorize words or equations, it’s even more important to understand “why.”  Draw out concepts to organize your thoughts. Write down the processes for solving various math problems. Use your own words to explain the reasoning behind different formulas.  When you use different learning strategies, you will understand the topic more thoroughly and be more confident going into an exam.

What’s your favorite learning strategy, and which course would you use it in?

SI Team Leader, Brendon Kociba, proudly announced CHEM Nights!

Hi my name is Brendon Kociba! I have been with the Holman Success Center for three years and have been involved with General Chemistry for seven semesters straight in some way or another.

I have been a Supplemental Instruction Team leader for five of the six semesters, and while at Holman I have learned a tremendous amount. With all of this background work with General Chemistry and a newly open Departmental Tutoring Spot I took action and decided to provide a service similar to BIO Nights and Open Lab that the Holman Success Center provides.

CHEM Nights is an opportunity for General Chemistry students (and below) to come and get any questions answered that they possibly have. Our tutoring team is equipped and ready for any questions spanning from pre-labs to lecture and even beyond. With the hecticness of this virtual semester, it is totally understandable if you have found yourself falling behind in your CHEM classes. One of the best parts of CHEM nights is that it is a tutoring service that can catch you up!!!! 

CHEM Nights are from 6pm-8pm on Monday Nights. To attend it is as simple as clicking this Zoom link. I look forward to seeing you at CHEM Nights, and can’t wait to get your questions answered!