Wellness Wednesday: Easy Ways to Prepare for your Midterms (Yes, they’re coming!)

Midterms are stressful. Not only are you being tested on your knowledge, it oftentimes is the first time you’re seeing your professor’s testing style. Students sometimes become so overwhelmed by the mere thought of preparing for their midterms and writing their essays, they find it hard to start. While a certain amount of stress surrounding… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Easy Ways to Prepare for your Midterms (Yes, they’re coming!)

Feature Friday: Holly McQuinthey

Meet Holly McQuinthey, a senior clinical laboratory science major with a concentration in cytogenetics. Holly has worked as Supplemental Instructor in BIO 110 since fall 2016. Holly says she decided to tutor for this class because she enjoys teaching students about the intricacies of biochemistry, genetics, and cancer. “I love working with students in this… Continue reading Feature Friday: Holly McQuinthey

Feature Friday: David Schuit

Meet David Schuit, a sophomore double majoring in Spanish and public health. David works as a Spanish tutor at the Holman Success Center Study Tables. David says tutoring in Spanish through the HSC has helped him improve his personal skills with the language. “When I have to explain something to a student, I have to… Continue reading Feature Friday: David Schuit

Congratulations to the EMU EDGE Scholarship Recipients!

The Holman Success Center is pleased to announce this year’s EMU Edge Scholarship recipients! Students earned the scholarship by posting excellent academic results and fulfilling all of the EMU Edge program requirements. This four-year scholarship award of $1,500 is renewable each year as long as students remain at EMU and stay in good academic standing.… Continue reading Congratulations to the EMU EDGE Scholarship Recipients!

EMU’s EDGE program, object of envy at state-wide conference!

At this past week’s Equity Within the Classroom state-wide conference for secondary and higher education professionals hosted by Oakland University, a team of EMU’s Holman Success Center staff and graduate students presented a session highlighting EMU’s EDGE program. After learning about many of the program’s components (from pre-campus outreach, to EDGE orientation, to the UNIV101L3… Continue reading EMU’s EDGE program, object of envy at state-wide conference!

Need A Tutor?

Need A Tutor? Holman Success Center offers numerous tutoring options in a wide variety of subjects and formats, all free of charge! Now that’s a deal! OPTION 1 – HSC Drop-In Tutoring Located in Halle Library’s Eagle Study Tables (1st Floor, South Commons), our drop-in tutors are available weekly at Study Tables to assist with a… Continue reading Need A Tutor?

It’s a balancing act….

If you looked up the definition of busy in the dictionary, you would not be surprised to see a picture of Jillian Travis staring back at you from the page. Not only is the Tecumseh sophomore in Eastern’s premier elementary education program well on her way to graduation, she also is active on the cheer… Continue reading It’s a balancing act….

PASS with flying colors!

Jesse Hamby, a sophomore Aviation major, knows what it takes to go through the PASS program. It gave him skills he says have now become like second nature to him. For example, he still uses the study tables for a quiet place to work on assignments and always schedules time after class each day to… Continue reading PASS with flying colors!