Simple Study Secrets for Success!

As we move further into the semester, it is time to put your nose to the grindstone and start thinking (and doing!) about your readings and assignments. Here are some helpful study tips from Your College Experience: Strategies for Success. And don’t forget to check out the Holman Success Center for study tables, tutors and SI instructors!

  • Keep up with your weekly schedule and do your work on time.


  • Use a calendar to keep track of appointments and assignments.


  • Be on time for class.


  • If you are a full time student, limit the hours that you work. If you must work, look for a job on campus.


  • Students that work only an average of fifteen hours a week are more likely to do well in college.


  • Improve your study habits.


  • Find the most effective methods for reading, listening, taking notes, studying, and using information resources.


  • Learn to think critically.


  • Strive to improve your writing and speaking.


  • Speak up in class. Research shows the more engaged in class you are, the more you will learn.


  • Learn from criticism.


  • Study with a group.


  • Become engaged in campus activities.


  • Meet with your instructors out of class.


  • Find an experienced and caring academic advisor


  • Take your health seriously. How much you sleep, what you eat, whether you exercise, and how well you deal with stress will affect your college success.


  • Have realistic expectations.



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