Around the Globe with HSC

Edward Wolf of Spingfield, OH is going places.

Not only in the business world, but also in the real world with a trip to China in his near future. One of the secrets to his success is the Holman Success Center (HSC).

Edward is a sophomore majoring in International Business Marketing and minoring in Theater Arts. He has always been interested in the international, and is particularly interested in helping businesses succeed across nationally as well as across continents. For example, he cites Nike. The shoe company is internationally known and people enjoy wearing them no matter where you are on the globe.  Comfort and style  are ideas that translate into every language.

His major also helps to explain his adventurous international travel plans. All International Business Marketing majors have a study abroad component. Edward knew right away, he wanted to focus on one of the largest growing markets on Earth, the People’s Republic of China.  To prepare for his trip, he has been taking Mandarin classes here at EMU. In the future, he plans to use the HSC to connect him with some Chinese tutors as the higher level classes become more complex. This is not the first time he has used the HSC and some of the programs offered there. One such program is PASS.

He knows all about the PASS program from 1st hand experience. Edward was always a great student in High School, but the transition to college can be very difficult for many different students. When Edward was enrolled in the PASS program, he had his reservations at first, but quickly found some of the skills he acquired there to be quite useful.

Time management was one of the most important take-aways for Edward. Students in the PASS program are required to attend study tables every single week. While some find them a hassle at first, Edward quickly learned that the time spent there can be far more beneficial than time spent studying anywhere else.

Another of the huge benefits of working with the HSC is success coach meetings. Every student in PASS also meets with an older student who has experience navigating the university system and is trained to provide valuable assistance. Edward remarked, “Success coach Joe young- turned things around with me.  I still use study tips he gave me, picked up some of the most useful skills. For instance, I don’t know what I’d do without Google calendar. It has become indispensable. The success coaches know what we as starting college students are going through, they’ve been there. He encouraged me in my minor of theater arts. I always liked singing and theater experience can really help you think on your feet—a great skill to have in international marketing. A success coach always wants to know ‘How can I help?’ I’m glad to know that the success coach was actually concerned about me.”

The success coach meets with students a couple of times at the beginning of each semester. They help set up goals for semester- personal benchmarks based on every students unique needs. While this is initially a requirement, many students continue to stay in touch with their coach and use that resource long after the PASS program has been completed. Edward remembers, “They start the semester off right. They go over every syllabus and set up dates and timelines to complete all the major projects in the class. They are always available for tips and as a general support system. Their support didn’t end after we got going. They always have a big meeting after the first big test to check in and make sure everything is on track. One of the best things about having a caring success coach is the networking they can provide. They’ve been around; they know where to go and how to get help. I was once writing a paper on the Greco-Persian wars and my coach knew that one of the professors in the History department was an expert on those countries. I took home an ‘A’ on that paper.”

The PASS program and the HSC get a good review from Edward. “I definitely recommend it. I didn’t have to study in High School at all and was unprepared for college. With the PASS program, it forces you to sit down because the experiences are so different. You really learn more about yourself than any specific educational program. You truly find out what works for you.  I learned how writing a 12 page paper becomes a whole lot easier when breaking it down into four different three page papers that you combine. I still use that tip to this day.”

Edward can’t believe that anyone who really knows about PASS and the HSC and how much they can help would turn it down. “It’s a free service- you don’t know about this? I got an A in the class. It really helps on the small details that make the difference between a low ‘B’ and an ‘A’.”

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