“Spring” Break! 6 Tips to Make This the Most Productive Break Ever

Spring break starts next week! Makes sense, right?, since it is totally spring outside… Regardless of what color the ground is, or how much (or little) red is in the thermometer, spring break is almost here. And while the thought of sleeping in and watching netflix on your couch all day, every day might sound really good right now, the truth is that you could be spending your break doing more productive things that will pay off in the long run. If you are die-hard committed to marathoning nothing but Die Hard all break, more power to you…but if you’d like just a few tips to be just a little more productive and accomplished…read on.

This isn’t to say that there isn’t room for fun and relaxation. You need that, everyone does. Without relaxation, you’d be a nervous wreck before the end of your first semester but it is important to temper that well deserved relaxation with a little bit of effort expended on some very important things. After you’ve spent at least a day doing everything you’ve always wanted to do on break, you should also try to incorporate some productiveness into your activities for the rest of your vacation. So whenever you find yourself bored at home over spring break, here are five tips for you to stay productive and get ahead of the game and ready for spring term.


1.Put in some search time for jobs and internships.

This is the perfect time to start looking for summer jobs and internships. The job market is extremely competitive these days, so you can never start your search too early. Plus, internships that are related to your major look great on your resume. By beginning to look and apply early, you beat the rush and have more time to work on your application and résumé. Stay one step ahead of the curve. Remember, a little bit of effort now can save you an entire summer of making fries or being stuck on your parent couch.

 2. Look for scholarships.

In addition to jobs, you can try using your essay-writing skills to apply for scholarships instead. What’s better than free money? Scholarship applications can be long and tedious, so it’s better to start them early. There are many times when there are scholarships available for the taking and not a single person applies for them. Set yourself apart, you’ve got nothing to lose.

 3.Practice your passion.

Whether it’s photography, theater, cooking, writing or sports, take the time to work on your skills and hone them. If you love theater, audition for a play. Or if you’re an aspiring writer, start a blog. Invest time in your hobby, and think about ways it could help your future career. Maybe it could be your future career? If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.

 4.Write or polish your resume.

This one is easy. It’s important to take the time to update your resume and keep it up to date. And if you don’t have one, yet it’s a good idea to start writing one. Whether you’re applying for a job, internship or scholarship, it’s always great to have it at hand and ready for whenever you need it. All it takes is a quick review, and make sure everything is good to go, saving you time later when you might not have the luxury of a break.

 5. Catch up with family and friends.

Reconnecting with your old friends and family is something important that you can do over break, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve talked to them. You don’t want to lose contact with your loved ones and the people who care for you. Having a strong network of people to rely on is as import and any amount of schooling. These are the people who will help you get where you are going.

6. Travel.

If you can afford it, travel somewhere you have never been before. You can do it with your family, your friends or even by yourself. The experience will most certainly be memorable and it is never a bad thing to experience new parts of the world. And please, do us all a favor and pick somewhere warm!


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