You Should Know: New Service EMU Station in McKinney

Announcing two convenient locations for Service EMU!  Service EMU McKenny and Service EMU Student Center are available for all of your financial aid, billing, and registration needs. 

Service EMU is pleased to announce a new location in McKinney that has replaced the walk in counters in Pierce Hall. Many students have used the convenient location in the Student Center as a one stop shop for  financial aid, student business services and record and registration questions.
This is a great place to get questions answered, as well as get forms and paper work taken care of. If you have a pile of papers and documents, this is the place to stop. With the one  stop shop model, the counters help to avoid the red tape and university shuffle of visiting half dozen buildings in one afternoon.
The counters also have a relatively small staff, fewer than a dozen. This is the right number to avoid long lines but also have a more personal feel so you can build relationships. As they get to know you, they can help you better make your way through the sometimes Byzantine University system.

So remember there are now two locations! They are located at 268 in the Student Center (across from the computer lab) and in McKenny Hall (across from the University Advising Office), or you can contact them by e-mail at Advising is available MondayThursday 8am to 5pm and Fridays 9am to 5pm.



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