UNIV: On Track for Another Great Year

Holman Success Center has found success with the UNIV program. Restricted to first-time entering freshman and first semester transfer students, the program has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years. Initially starting with only 8 sections and around 200 students, the program is now capped at an all-time high of 40 (!) sections with 800 students each and every fall semester.

This course provides students the information and skills that help make the transition to college more successful.  Students learn how to successfully manage the university system, what study techniques can enhance their grades, and how to live and learn in a multicultural environment.  In addition, the classes are limited in size to 20 students to allow those students to develop individual relationships with the faculty/staff teaching team members and other students in the class.  This class prepares students for success at EMU and beyond.

The program is ramped up for some major changes starting next fall. A few of the changes include expanding a successful pilot program for a class made up of men of color, as well as the addition of peer mentors. These mentors will be undergrad students who went through UNIV 101 and were successful, offering yet another resource to students enrolled in the course. First year students will still have access to the instructor’s success coaching for any matter found academically or at the university. The peer mentor program allows first years to make valuable social connections with other undergrad students who they will be working with over the next several years at Eastern.

Another innovation in the program is also being initiated next fall. The exploratory UNIV classes will have a condensed version of the UNIV material opening up 9 class periods for a professor to teach an interesting topic not available in any other class. The topics are usually ones the professor is passionate about and there are options for everyone to find interesting. From the history of the Third Reich to Quilts to an investigation of the natural science of the Fibonacci sequence in biology, the classes are designed to be a fascinating dive into diverse topics.

With all of these changes, classes are already filling up, and the program is on track to be as popular as ever.

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