What to do Over Your Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break is a great opportunity. Not only do you get some time off and a great chance to relax, but you can always get a leg up on finishing out the semester at your strongest. Here are a few tips about how to balance studying and relaxation.

Get A Head Start on Studying for Finals
Since most final exams are a review of the entire semester, which can understandably be hard to cram for in a couple of days, kicking off your studying this far in advance gives your brain the time it needs to truly absorb the material you’ll be tested on. Need some study tips?

Whether it’s an assigned title or the latest edition from the Twilight saga, studies show that both leisurely reading and critical reading can benefit the brain in significant ways. Specifically, some ways in which reading can help you get ahead include: 1.) the reduction of stress, 2.) an increased vocabulary, 3.) improved memory, 4.) and improved writing skills.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Cramming can be great for a quick fix, but long term, it will leave students wondering where all their late nights went. Like a come-and-go sugar rush, experts say cramming only creates short mental sprints, allowing the brain just enough ability to memorize information for a short time. Gradual and consistent repetition has always been the ideal way to retain complex material. Applying this study skill is crucial for subjects, like math and science, that build upon themselves year after year. While cramming may win a battle, in the end, it will lose the war. So start early and do a little over time, Thanksgiving is the great time to bounce ideas around with friends and family.

But above all, don’t forget to relax for a bit, you could always:

Watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade as soon as you wake up on Thanksgiving.

Help cook or set the table with your family to show you aren’t just there to eat (while also picking at the dishes every chance you get).

Eat tons and tons of apple pie, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and most importantly, the king turkey.

Relax lazily on the couch from your food coma as you watch the Thanksgiving football games.

Attempt Black Friday Shopping with your favorite shopping partner for some crazy deals, if you are into that sort of thing. Otherwise, enjoy that well deserved day of sleeping in.

Go on a photoshoot of the autumn scenery before it’s too cold to hang outside.

Look through old family photos and see how much has changed. Always a great time to reminisce with family from near and far.

Binge watch all the shows that you have been neglecting during your midterm weeks.

And finally, forget for a little while all that awaits you when you return to school.



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