HSC by the Numbers!

Did you know that EMU students logged over 40, 000 hours at study tables last semester!? The 41, 522 hours that were logged at study tables is equal to 1,730 Days spent studying! The 4.7 years of study time was achieved by a dedicated group of over 1,700 unique students, all in just one semester.  HSC wants this semester to be even bigger.  Remember all the benefits of study tables? Not only will it help you academically, you can earn Eagle Reward points as well?  How sweet is that?

HSC also facilitated over 2,000 success coach meetings to hundreds of students, helping to point them the way towards success.  Meeting with a Success Coach is an excellent way to get you on track academically and personalize your education.  We assist students in navigating the University system, as well as assisting in tracking progress toward both academic and personal goals.  If you need a hand in developing a plan of action to tackle academic challenges and attain personal achievement, we are here to help!  You could get that personalized help too.

And don’t forget Supplemental Instruction.  The Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program is a free academic support service offered to currently enrolled undergraduate students at EMU through the Holman Success Center.  SI works directly with numerous undergrad classes on campus.  Each class for which SI is offered is supported by a trained SI Leader who facilitates weekly collaborative study sessions.  Last semester alone there were over 500 students meeting 2,293 times over numerous course subjects. That’s a lot of extra help when it comes to tricky classes like earth sciences and philosophy.


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