SisterHOOD: Women in Leadership Conference

On Thursday, March 16, The SisterHOOD initiative hosted their 2nd annual Women in Leadership conference. This year’s theme “A Seat at the Table” was generated by communication and event coordinator Abby Davis with a collaborative effort from the entire organization to make this event a success. During the event, there was a panel of five women of color discussing their journey to academic
and professional success, in addition to the roadblocks that would try to prevent them from accomplishing their goals. Each woman highlighted how even when there seemed to be no room for them “at the table” they created their own table of opportunity or brought one with them through the back door.

Essentially, having a seat at the table is to acknowledge that when one takes a seat, they have an opportunity to be heard and effect change. Event organizers wanted to emphasize that “the table” is a symbol of power, neg
otiation, and credibility and knew this would be the perfect time to discuss the topic at the conference this year.

Despite the many advancements made by Women of Color in breaking glass ceilings and becoming senior executive leaders around the world, “Women of Color remain drastically underrepresented in many professions and spaces” according to the organizers of this event.

The SisterHOOD was established September 3rd, 2014. and is a university-wide initiative designed to engage, empower, retain and graduate Women of Color at Eastern Michigan University.  Through collaborative partnerships with offices throughout the university, we employ a success-driven approach to help females of color develop as students and as women while addressing deficits and challenges they need to overcome.



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