Students Participate in Graduate Research Conference

On Friday, March 24 Eastern Michigan University hosted The Graduate Research Conference (GRC).  The conference is a celebration of graduate student research and creative activity in a professional conference format. This year close to 200 students were in attendance sharing their innovative research in various formats. Several graduate assistants from the Holman Success Center participated in this year’s conference and presented on a variety of topics from the disciplines of Higher Education, TESOL, and Written Communication.

Graduate assistants  Erin Anderson, Melissa Quasunella, and Fernanda Carvalho had this to say about their presentations:

Erin Anderson
What is your name? Erin Anderson
What program are you in? M.A. – Educational Leadership-Higher Education Student Affairs
What was the title of your presentation?A Spectrum of Support: Supporting College Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) on a College Campus
What was the focus of your research presentation? My presentation
explored the various challenges college students with Autism Spectrum Disorder experience on the college campus. After exploring the challenges, I offered some ways that student affair professionals and staff members can support this population of students. I ended with by talking about the College Supports Program at EMU, which is a program that specifically supports college students with Autism Spectrum Disorder from their transition to college through the completion of their degree.
Melissa Quasunella

What is your name?Melissa Quasunella

What program are you in?   MA-TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
What was the title of your presentation?Exploring Identity in Teaching Writing to Adult English as a Second Language Learners: Focus on Beginners
What was the focus of your research presentation?
My presentation’s research was inspired by my Community Adult ESL teaching internship in Ann Arbor. I wanted to know what research suggests about teaching topics on identity to English language learners. Then I put the research to practice in my classroom. From there, I planned a unit to see how performing writing tasks revolving on the topic of identity would foster the development of my students’ writing in English.
What is your name?Fernanda Carvalho
What program are you in? MA-TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
What was the title of your presentation?Research Project as an ESL Technique – a case study
What was the focus of your research presentation? My research project was a case study with aims to raise teachers’ awareness about the importance of helping students become independent learners and effective communicators in our globalized community. The results of this experience are highly positive showing that students learn better when they take charge of their own learning process and also when they develop research skills to build knowledge in and beyond the classroom.
 Congratulations to all presenters who participated in the conference this year!

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