Wellness Wednesday: 7 Reasons to Get More Sleep (Plus Some Tips for Healthy Sleeping Habits)

The whirlwind of midterms and mid-semester papers can leave us all feeling overwhelmed and anxious. As our “To Do” lists grow longer, it can be tempting to sleep less, or even pull an all-nighter, to get more work done. While an extra three hours of homework and studying in the evening seems like a good idea in the moment, the long term effects might be more harmful than helpful. Keep reading to learn about some of the reasons to prioritize a balance between healthy sleeping habits and study time

  1. Getting enough sleep can help student be more alert and vigilant.
  2. Students are able to retain information better when they are well-rested.
  3. Consistently pulling all-nighters can actually lead to a lower GPA.
  4. Lack of sleep can impair your overall mood and disposition.
  5. Sleep deprivation can lead to a weakened immune system, leaving you susceptible to sickness.
  6. Losing out on sleep can lead to the vicious sleep-stress cycle.
  7. People who sleep less tend to show less motivation.

The best of intentions won’t lead to a good-night’s sleep unless you’re actually sleeping! Here are some tips for quality sleep.

  1. Learn to associate your bed with sleep. Don’t study or watch T.V. in bed and if you can’t fall asleep, leave your bed and do something relaxing until you’re tired.
  2. Maintain a regular sleep schedule throughout the week, including weekends. This will help your body’s clock align to a set schedule.
  3. Develop a nighttime routine. Allow your body and mind to calm down at the end of the day by removing stimulants like caffeine and bright lights.

Word to the wise: research does show that there is such thing as too much sleep. An excess of sleep is connected to feeling sluggish throughout the day and might be a sign of another problem. If you ever feel out of balance, talk to a friend or reach out to EMU’s CAPS to talk to someone.

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