Feature Friday: Nikol Ray

Meet Nikol Ray, a third year nursing intent student with minors in psychology and communications. Nikol works at the Holman Success Center as a Peer Mentor.

Nikol says she has found a passion for working with students through her two years of working as a PM. She says her UNIV Graduate Assistant and PM recommended her for the job based on potential they saw in her she didn’t know she had. She has also worked at EDGE Orientation for the past two years.

“Even on days where college is kicking me in the butt, I love seeing my students,” she says.

She describes her work as that of a “middle man,” helping students transition into college. Her job as a PM has even inspired her to consider new career options that would allow her to help others.

“I like the diversity that each student brings to the table and how unique each one of their stories are,” she says. “Another thing that I enjoy is how I am still in contact with a couple of my students from last year and they are still asking me questions.”

Nikol says this job has inspired personal growth. She can now work as part of a team and has improved her public speaking skills due to her two hour lab. She is also able to manage her time and set priorities to balance her work, academic, and personal lives. Nikole says she is more adaptable now, able to making changes as she receives feedback.

Nikol says she has two pieces of advice she would give to students: it’s okay to fail and it’s okay to ask for help.

“There are so many people in the world who seem like they want to see you fail,” Nikol says. “Like a professor who gives you a ‘D’ on you first college midterm or the peer in the group presentation who won’t put in their share of work, but look at them as potential to grow and learn or take them as challenges. Ask that professor how you can get that grade up or just what you did wrong. Become a leader and each out to that student and encourage them to pick up the slack. Success does not come easy but keep your head up.”

In the future, Nikol would like a career that allows her to engage in lifelong learning. She says she would also like to travel both the United States and the rest of the world once she graduates.


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