Feature Friday: David Schuit

Meet David Schuit, a sophomore double majoring in Spanish and public health. David works as a Spanish tutor at the Holman Success Center Study Tables.

David says tutoring in Spanish through the HSC has helped him improve his personal skills with the language.

When I have to explain something to a student, I have to make sure I know what I am talking about,” he says. “I have also realized that learning a language is not linear. I am going to make mistakes and have to revisit concepts. I remind students of that frequently.”

He also says he encourages students to find ways to use the language in their daily lives. For David, learning Spanish has “opened up a whole new world.”

“I am captivated by the language,” he says. “I am fascinated by languages and Spanish holds such a rich and diverse culture.”

David hopes to blend his Spanish and public health majors to open a community resource center focused on substance abuse issues in his community.

“This center would provide resources to addicts and their families, along with educational programs to educate the general public,” he says. “My main goal is to eliminate the stigma of addiction and provide resources to prevent addiction and I would like to provide educational resources and programs for the community in order to help the public understand addiction.”

David says he would like to let students know that it is okay to be uncertain about a path or major at the start of college. He says students should also know that it is okay to make mistakes.

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