Feature Friday: Lauren Anargyros

Lauren Anargyros is a senior communication and psychology (she will be graduating this April!). Lauren has worked with the Holman Success Center as a Peer Mentor since her sophomore year. She says her work with EDGE students brings joy to her life.

I love helping them with everything that I possibly can and seeing the impact that I make on them and the impact they make on me,” Lauren says. “It is truly a learning experience for everyone involved and it has made me a much stronger person throughout the past three years. Building a bond with my students is truly a magical feeling.”

She says her position as a Peer Mentor has helped her grow and find a family with her HSC team.

“I couldn’t have asked her a better campus job to benefit me as much as this one has,” she says. “I have learned so much about myself and about other students. Without this program, I would probably be lost.”

The position has also  helped Lauren gain new skills including patience and time management. She says she has learned to stand up for herself and her students when needed. She hopes to continue offering guidance as an academic advisor. After she graduates, Lauren will enroll in either a master’s higher education and student affairs program for advising.

“Advising is one of my favorite things,” she says. “I love mapping out schedules and helping students navigate all the features on my.emich and figure out what classes would benefit them.”

Lauren says she would suggest that students ask for help and use resources.

“Do not be afraid to ask for help in college whenever you need it,” she says. “You are paying thousands of dollars for your education; make it worth it. Ask questions, get involved on campus, and don’t slack off too much because it is much harder to build up a GPA than it is to ruin it. We are here for you! I promise, we want to help!”


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