TED Talk Tuesday: Luvvie Ajayi, “Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable”

In her TED Talk “Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable,” Luvvie Ajayi discusses her perspective on the power of challenging systems. Ajayi, an activist and writer, says she likes to think of herself as the first domino in the line of dominoes every time she points out a problem. Her focus is making the world better than she found it.

Ajayi says those who speak up are not fearless. Rather, they feel as if they  have to, as if they have no other choice but to speak up and be that first domino. She believes it is fear that holds people back and keeps them from fulfilling their purposes. Staying quiet and stagnant, according to Ajayi, is comfortable. She encourages us to learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and pushing for change and justice.

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