Thursday Tips: 7 Tips for Balancing Your Social and Academic Life

In order to be successful in school, a healthy personal life is essential. Students who put all of their efforts into classes and homework tend to burn out at this time of year. An easy way to avoid burn out (besides sleep!) is a social life. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean going to parties or hanging out with people. A healthy social life looks different for everyone. Here a couple ways to start working fun and relaxation into your busy schedule.

  1. Homework Dates: Spend time with friends while you study. This is a good way to catch up and work on smaller projects. Please note, this is not a good way to complete big projects or read complex articles. However, if you have some small tasks to complete and can do it in the company of others, schedule work time together. If you’re having trouble finding friends with a similar work schedule to you, ask the people in your classes. If you are friendly with a classmate, ask if they’d like to study together. This is a great way to meet someone new and ensure that you will both have things to work on.
  2. Group Fitness at the Rec/IM: Group fitness classes are the perfect way to push yourself while meeting new people. It is easier to work harder during an exercise when you have an instructor and classmates. If you find that there are other regulars in the class, you can exchange numbers to keep each other on track. Check in a couple of days before class to encourage everyone to attend that week. Over time, you might find other classes you’d like to attend together. The workout classes tend to take no more than an hour.
  3. Lunch Dates: Or dinner or breakfast! You have to eat meals, right? You can work social time into your day by planning to eat a meal with someone. If you’re busy preparing for midterms or completing projects, take a quick break, grab dinner with a friend, and get back to work.
  4. Student Clubs and Organizations: EMU has so many different student organizations. Students don’t usually have time for high-commitment clubs. However, most student organizations only meet every few weeks or once a month. The structured nature of social events in student organizations can be helpful when you have a packed schedule. Plus, many groups also carry out service and help the larger community.
  5. Weekly T.V. or Movie Nights: It’s easy to turn to Netflix when you’re stressed out. However, if you plan scheduled time each week to watch a show or a movie with a friend, you can encourage yourself to stay focused when you’re studying. A movie at the end of the week can be a treat instead of a way to fill the time during the week.

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