Welcome to the HSC Family!

The Holman Success Center (HSC) would like to welcome it’s newest staff member, Dr. Ethriam Brammer! Thanks to a new grant, EMU is now participating in the Student Support Services (SSS) TRIO program. The SSS, combined with TRIO Upward Bound and TRIO McNair scholarships, were designed by the federal government 50 years ago to help… Continue reading Welcome to the HSC Family!

What You Need to Know to Graduate…

Well, at least walk at graduation this year. If you are on track to graduate this year, 1.) Congrats! 2.) there are some things you need to know and get in order before the big day in a couple weeks. You will need to get tickets so your proud family can watch you walk. Tickets… Continue reading What You Need to Know to Graduate…

Finally finals!

It is nearly here. These are the times that try student’s souls. Finals can be very scary, but if you’re prepared you’ll have nothing to fear. Here are some quick tips to make it to summer in one piece. Don’t panic (this isn’t the end). The first thing you should do is to check what… Continue reading Finally finals!

This Week in LBC Rewards 4.11.16

Looks like another week of wonderful snowy April weather. Stay inside and earn some points at some of these LBC events. And don’t forget on Wednesday to come to HSC’s Workshop Wednesday. At this interactive workshop, HSC will help students develop their own unique leadership style, determine values to create their authentic self, and learn… Continue reading This Week in LBC Rewards 4.11.16

Department Spotlight: Physics and Astronomy

Even if they can’t read your horoscope (That’s Astrology) the Department of Physics and Astronomy have a lot to offer. They offers majors in physics, physics research, engineering physics and physics teaching and minors in astronomy, general science, physics and physics teaching. The department also administers interdisciplinary offerings in pre-engineering, general science, integrated science teaching… Continue reading Department Spotlight: Physics and Astronomy