TED Talk Tuesday: Luvvie Ajayi, “Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable”

In her TED Talk “Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable,” Luvvie Ajayi discusses her perspective on the power of challenging systems. Ajayi, an activist and writer, says she likes to think of herself as the first domino in the line of dominoes every time she points out a problem. Her focus is making the world better… Continue reading TED Talk Tuesday: Luvvie Ajayi, “Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable”

Feature Friday: Lauren Anargyros

Lauren Anargyros is a senior communication and psychology (she will be graduating this April!). Lauren has worked with the Holman Success Center as a Peer Mentor since her sophomore year. She says her work with EDGE students brings joy to her life. “I love helping them with everything that I possibly can and seeing the… Continue reading Feature Friday: Lauren Anargyros

This Week in LBC Rewards 4.11.16

Looks like another week of wonderful snowy April weather. Stay inside and earn some points at some of these LBC events. And don’t forget on Wednesday to come to HSC’s Workshop Wednesday. At this interactive workshop, HSC will help students develop their own unique leadership style, determine values to create their authentic self, and learn… Continue reading This Week in LBC Rewards 4.11.16

Study in Spring

Stay studious in the sun On those days when beams of sunlight are coming through the blinds and the thought of spending one more minute among stacks of books or in your stuffy dorm room is too much to bear, take it outside! It might sound challenging, but studying can be done outside. The trick… Continue reading Study in Spring

“Spring” Break! 6 Tips to Make This the Most Productive Break Ever

Spring break starts next week! Makes sense, right?, since it is totally spring outside… Regardless of what color the ground is, or how much (or little) red is in the thermometer, spring break is almost here. And while the thought of sleeping in and watching netflix on your couch all day, every day might sound… Continue reading “Spring” Break! 6 Tips to Make This the Most Productive Break Ever

Do you have a “Mind Palace?”

Do you have a “Mind Palace?” It isn’t that hard, you can be just like Sherlock! Hold on, what are we even talking about? In the most recent BBC series Sherlock, Holmes has more than just elementary deduction up his sleeve. His photographic memory has helped him and Watson out of many tight spots. Loci… Continue reading Do you have a “Mind Palace?”

Registration FAQs

It’s that time again! Registration. This can be very nerve racking, but with this FAQ guide, you will glide through with easy. Best of luck to everyone signing up for next fall. Common registration errors: Department Permission Required Error: This error message will be received any time a student attempts to register for a class… Continue reading Registration FAQs