Finally finals!

It is nearly here. These are the times that try student’s souls. Finals can be very scary, but if you’re prepared you’ll have nothing to fear. Here are some quick tips to make it to summer in one piece. Don’t panic (this isn’t the end). The first thing you should do is to check what… Continue reading Finally finals!

Exam Day Tips

Just remember, it could be worse! People have been taking tests since ancient China, and this probably isn’t the hardest test in history. Here it is at least. Just a few days between you and utter relaxation. Just remember these hot exam day tips, and you’ll make it through with flying colors. Wake up early… Continue reading Exam Day Tips

Even more puppies on campus!

As you already know if you’ve been reading the blog, puppies are a great way to relieve stress. here is another opportunity to let a little steam off in the cutest way possible. The EMU Pre-Vet Club is sponsoring it’s semi-annual (fall/winter semesters) “Finals Stress Relief Pet-a-Puppy Day” on Tuesday, Apr. 21, 11 a.m. to… Continue reading Even more puppies on campus!