Finally finals!

It is nearly here. These are the times that try student’s souls. Finals can be very scary, but if you’re prepared you’ll have nothing to fear. Here are some quick tips to make it to summer in one piece. Don’t panic (this isn’t the end). The first thing you should do is to check what… Continue reading Finally finals!

Canvas How To: Viewing Grades

It is getting to be that mid semester time when quite a few of your assignments are already in, and you may want to check out some of the cool grade related features that canvas has to offer. Check out this quick tutorial, or this video from the canvas website. How do I view my… Continue reading Canvas How To: Viewing Grades

Need A Tutor?

Need A Tutor? Holman Success Center offers numerous tutoring options in a wide variety of subjects and formats, all free of charge! Now that’s a deal! OPTION 1 – HSC Drop-In Tutoring Located in Halle Library’s Eagle Study Tables (1st Floor, South Commons), our drop-in tutors are available weekly at Study Tables to assist with a… Continue reading Need A Tutor?